Control Room > Home – R & D sharing event – Festival of Imagineers

29th September, 2.00pm - Shop Front Theatre, City Arcade

As participants in the wonderful Festival of Imagineers 2017, award winning artists Chris O’Connell, Julia O’Connell and Ashley James Brown will continue to build on their previous R&D for ideas (WITNESS) for a new performance piece. This latest research sharing event, Control Room>Home will be an exploration of Artificial Intelligence (AI), The Slow Movement, ‘social’ robots and their ability to relate to the human condition.

The artists will discuss and share their latest research at the Shop Front Theatre from 2.00pm. ALL WELCOME. Tea and biscuits served!

Definitions: Artificial Intelligence (AI) – is intelligence exhibited by machines. The term ‘artificial intelligence’ is applied when a machine mimics ‘cognitive’ functions that humans associate with other human minds.

The Slow Movement – is a term describing a wide range of activities taking place around the world that seek to connect us more meaningfully with others, with place, and with ourselves. It emerged to counteract the fast-paced, impersonal nature of much of modern human culture.

For more information or to book a place for the sharing please email claire@imagineerproductions.co.uk

Download the full Festival of Imagineers 2017 programme here Festival of Imagineers 2017