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Conscious – written and directed by Eve Ruck

Shop Front Theatre, City Arcade, Coventry CV1 3HW

Saturday 3rd August 7pm - 8.30pm Tkts £8

Alice has never been allowed to leave the lab where she was built and longs to know the world beyond. But the day before she is due to be unveiled, she begins to piece together the insidious reason behind her creation…and starts to fight back.

Held captive in the windowless laboratory where she was first conceived, the A.I. Alice has only seen the world through the skewed words of her captors, moulded by the sinister intentions of those who created her, wish to sell her, and long to possess her. But when Alice does not play into the goals of her investors, she threatens to dismantle the system she was born to uphold. In Conscious, emerging playwright Eve Ruck explores a near future where the rich replace the working class with humanoid A.I.’s to create full globally automated capitalism, in a future that is all too possible. Recipient of the prestigious Lord Rootes Memorial Fund and with the support of the Criterion Theatre, Conscious is the debut production from Avoiding the Dustbin and promises to bring political sci-fi to the stage in a tense and stimulating performance. The show, having begun back in 2017 as an adaption of ‘Alice in Wonderland’, has evolved into a wholly original commentary on the potential of automation, critiquing capitalism and opening up the conversation to the possibilities of socialism.

Having debuted at the nationally renowned Playmil Festival to a four-star review (LondonTheatre1), Conscious is “…both dystopian and frighteningly real…” delivered with “…power and originality…” and is stopping off at the legendary Shopfront Theatre for one night only before it’s week-long Edinburgh Fringe run.


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