3rd Blog from Tiffany

We have approached our second show week now! I am pleased to see that everything ran smoothly in the past week, and we have received some lovely comments and feedbacks from the audience!

One of the best thing about live performances is that the energy changes every night in every show- The dynamic and the atmosphere of the performance alter because of the ‘presence’ of the production crew, performers, and the audiences. Different energies were brought into space every day in the past week, and that have affected the performers’ intake from the performance space. Every night is different; every night is a new start!

It is interesting to point out how my perspectives of the show have changed throughout the process. After watching the ‘same sequences’ for so many times, I realised my attention shifted to some hidden elements of the performance that I was not aware of at the beginning- I started to pay attention to the lights and shadows, and how it has affected my view as an audience and how it heightens the moves and images onstage; and I became intrigued in the reflections of the light on the dancers’ bodies during the piece!

I love TRAUM. And I wish this can go further and further into different stages at different international venues in the future!